Cutting Boards

Cutting Boards

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Do you need a special gift for a family memeber or friend?  Maybe you want a custom design on a cutting board just for yourself. 


I have 3 options available, a  9.5x6 bamboo, 11.75x6 oak with handle and a 12x9 Walnut.  For the walnut cutting boards you have the option of having a juice well that goes around the perimeter of the board or no juice well. This option is only available on the Walnut boards.  I do oil the boards before sending them to you.  I recommend you keep your board oiled to help with longevity and to help keep it sealed and clean. You can see a difference in the oiled walnut from the un-oiled in the pictures below.

Use a design I have already created or send a design you would like for me to do. 

For the font selections please in the notes put down which font you would like.  Or you can say surprise me.